Monday, February 29, 2016


"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

So the school has begun, what a surprise, aye... The weekend was pretty usual - chilling with friends, even took out my dusty guitar. So many friends are sick right now, that's a shame. On Friday, my squad and I went to a Hesburger (yea, don't judge) and after that we connected the electric guitar to an amplifier and jammed a little. I hadn't played for a while and the music I tried to play sounded quite awful. On Saturday I was mostly at home and one of my friends came to visit me - practised Zippo tricks (no, I don't smoke), played FIFA and did pretty much nothing. On Sunday I watched half of the new Estonian movie 1944. When the commercial break started I just thought: "hmm, I want to go jogging." Next thing I put on the sports clothing and just ran for about hour.
Today, on Monday, I went for a 12 km run around Lake Viljandi. That was hard but I'm proud that I finished faster than I thought - probably going to the Grand Race around Lake Viljandi in May. You have no idea how much I look forward to summer...Anyway, I'm fatigued and going to take a nap now. Bye!

"Heartbreak Hotel"

Chillin' with Santa

Harley Benton

"A selfie a day keeps the depression away."

"It could be a spoonful of diamond,
It could be a spoonful of gold,
Just a little spoon of your precious love,
Satisfy my soul."

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Enjoying the winter

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius

Holiday, the weekend has come to an end and I have done many things. I spent the whole weekend with friends which is great - went snowboarding but I won't cross it off my bucket list yet 'cus I want to learn it more, ate dumplings and investigated an abandoned building which didn't really end well :D. On Monday I went to a sauna - cleaned the sh** off of me and today I'm going to a party, aye. 5 days until school again :(.

My friend Sander drifting down

Took pics of others snowboarding 'cus I'm really terrible at it but I'm keen to learn.

Random 3 chairs on top of eachother in an abandoned house

The Chamber of Secrets

City slicker in a forest

Got angry because we saw a deer... I mean a wolf in a distance

Surviving in a forest, the only food we got is a piece of cookie

Before we entered the abandoned bulding we had wide smiles on our faces

We took some weapons with us just in case - homeless people defending their territory.

Life is a Highway

Thursday, February 18, 2016

16 & 72

"The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating." - John Walters

It's the last week till the third period of my school is over. Next week is a holiday and I haven't planned anything - right now it seems like I'm going to spend the whole holiday sleeping.
This week, except the fact that I had a lot of tests, was quite interesting for a schoolweek. On Monday I had my first driving school class and I went to see my lovely grandma - she turned 72 but still behaves like a teen :D. You have to consider about 2 extra kilos when visiting your granny, at least I do. On Wednesday, I and my friends threw a little surprise party for our handball god Simon. He turned 16, oh well I remember my 16th birthday, good times. It's funny, my friends threw me a surprise party too when I got 16. Anyway, we can now go the club with Simony.

Simon isn't happy about his aging

Throwback to my 18th birthday party - great quality tho

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Karlis, Mariel, Kristel, I

Again, a week has passed by and I'm writing a new blog post. This weekend was all about making girls look even more pretty than they usually are (seems like mission impossible, right?). Anyway, we were doing this because Karlis and I are part of the football club called FC Hälvikud (FC Retarded in English) and we wanted to show our fans that except doing sport, we can also make miracles on a girl's face with our make-up skills. The video will be published soon but until that be sure to LIKE FC Hälvikud on Facebook and SUBSCRIBE to us on Youtube if you haven't done this already. I'm going to write a post about FC Hälvikud some day - how it all started, who's in the team etc.

A father with his son

Before we filmed the video, we also went dining (Mark, Laura, Kaido, Mariel, Härold, Kristel & I) and went to see the handball game where Simon played and ofc scored a sh*tload of goals. Also Mark took some deep photos on the way.

Mark Drõgin's Photography

The gesture is directed towards the photographer not You


Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eurotrip dreams with my Squad

Kaido, Mark, I, Simon, Härold - Unikum

"Less friends, less bullshit. Keep your circle small."

I'm very lucky to have such good friends as I have. Mark, Härold, Simon and Kaido - squad called "Unikum". The word "uunikum" in Estonian means an unique object or some old precious car. Well, you're not supposed understand that anyway - inside jokes n shit. What I wanted to say is that those friends are my best friends - my main squad for years now. Quality over quantity - even through I have a lots of friends and I have a lot of connections, "Unikum" is the main shit, yo.

I love traveling, all of us love traveling, right? Anyway, as we all love cars, we thought that in few years when we all will be adults (Simon is the youngest) and if we started saving money right now, we could buy a decent vehicle with low fuel consuption. The fuel costs and the money for the car would be divided by 5 so it wouldn't be that much. Probably the hotels, food and parties will cost more.
The plan is to start from our hometown Viljandi and start driving towards Portugal. In Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Monaco, Milan, Venice, Prague we would make our longer stops - book a hotel, see sightseeings, party, eat in a fine resaurant, visit museums. Of course we want to camp in the nature too - survive :D. The whole trip would be about 14 000 km and take about 3 months time.
I'm going to add more thoughts about this trip soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sushi & chill

Mariel Pähkel's Photography

It's Sunday, schoolweek is about to begin again but I had an enjoyable weekend. I crossed off one Bucket List goal and I feel damn well about it.
I wanted to try sushi for a long time but usually no one else wanted to go to sushi restaurant with me because nobody really likes sushi. This weekend my friends Mariel, Kristel, Mark and Kaido came with me to cross this thing off my Bucket List. I learned that sushi isn't really my kinda food - it was cold and not really tasty. But like I said, I feel good that I tried it - no regrets. Mark bought some chicken sushi and that was pretty delicious and I said that to him like 10 times to get a bite of it - after a long effort and whining I got one. Winning. Sushi devoured, we went to Mariel and Kristel's home, Simon joined us. Just chilled there and had a deep conversations about relationships and world problems. Well spent day.

"But honestly I'd rather be
Somewhere with my people we can kick it and just listen
To some music with the message like we usually do
And we'll discuss our big dreams
How we plan to take over the planet
So pardon my manners, I hope you'll understand it
That I'll be here"

Friday, February 5, 2016

Meeting the Prime Minister

Taavi Rõivas taking a selfie

Today, February 5th, the Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas visited our school. Some of us got the chance to meet him in person and ask him questions about politics, economy or whatever else. Our smart and beautiful student Kirke Siimso got the chance to sit down with the Minister and ask him the major questions about topics she had chosen. After Kirke had fluently asked all the questions she prepared the audience got the opportunity to ask something.
As the Prime Minister mentioned that in primary school the questions had been "What car you drive?" or smth like this, my schoolmate asked for fun "What's the best fast-food restaurant in Estonia?" and  Rõivas replied to that question ordinarily like it wasn't the first time someone asked that. He also said to us to not mention burgers to his little daughter because she would immediately "require" a Hesburger then - humor is a great thing. I liked that Rõivas made the audience laugh but also spoke about some problematic issues in Estonian politics and economy. He asked us which is the most expensive construction in Estonia and surprisingly no one knew this - the answer was Narva Power Plant which cost about 650 million € - now I'm one fact smarter again. There were questions about legalizing marijuana which Rõivas obviously didn't support and told us to stay away from that because it's the gateway drug which leads to ever worse drugs - I believe it's true. We talked about energetics and renewable energy. He also told us to not plan things too much, just do what you do the best you possibly can, he didn't plan of becoming a Prime Minister.
By the end, I think the lecture was very interesting and educational. It was nice to see the Prime Minister in person - great day.

"The secret of getting things done is to act!" - Dante Alighieri

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TB - Kabli beach & friends

Mark, Härold and I
Mark Drõgin's Photography
I was just listening to some of the songs me and my friends listened to in the summer and now I f-ing miss summer so much. I'm so tiiired of wearing jacket and I miss being topless :D. Anyway I started browsing through my old pictures and found some great pics of me and my friends.
In August we went camping to Kabli beach (located by the Baltic sea) and stayed there for 3 days. I, Härold, Mark, Kaido and Triinu drove there the first day but Kellyly and Birgit came the second day. It was really fun, firstly we had to find ourselves a perfect spot to put our tents up to, so one man who was holding his beer was really kind to show us his favorite place where he usually camps. After a long walk he showed us the spot and asked us if we could give him one beer. Yes, we had some beers with us, so we gave the good man a bottle of beer.

Triinu thinking about her life
So, the first day, evening, the pic above is taken while we were sitting by the campfire, listening to some music and chatting. It was really nice and quiet - chill. We ate our marshmellows and sausages and went to sleep.
The following day we woke up and Kellyly and Birgit had arrived. They put their tent up and we went swimming, we swam and sunbathed half a day. Birgit took her hookah and we smoked, listened to music and talked to eachother - hmm.. how I miss all that. We went to a local cafe and ate there, played volleyball, football. At night, we drank a little bit, did hookah and chilled. I can't describe how awesome it was. Everything was perfect.

Our "Mexican ladiesman" Kaido
Last day the weather started going worse. Saw some rain clouds and we thought it's time to head home. Didn't really wanna go but had to. Packed our bags, cleared the campsite, went for our last swim, headed home.
Like I said, I can't really put the epicness of this into words. Also I couldn't find any pics of Kellyly or Birgit, probably because most of our pics were took on the first day. I'm gonna add one bad-quality picture of the whole squad except Härold here which was taken after the trip.

The most rear one is Birgit, the blonde girl smiling is Kellyly, then there is Triinu showing a peace sign, Mark looking away from the camera, the picture taker is Kaido and then there's me, yo

"Miami Vice"

Summer vibes