Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekend or smth

"For some people, Easter means a second chance."

It's absolutely great to get sick just before the weekend arrives. Actually, things aren't that bad. On Monday and Tuesday, my schoolday was pretty awesome because as I study in Viljandi Gymnasium, I got the chance to introduce the school to the students that are coming to our school next year. On Monday, I had two of my friends Merili and Simon with me for the whole schoolday. Some of the classes at the end of the day were cancelled and it was kinda sad 'cus we had much fun. On Tuesday, my fellow blogger Mariel was the one who had to stay the whole day with me. Those days were way more interesting than the usual schooldays because I felt like a boss and even got them to do my schoolwork x).

The Ultimate "GET WELL" Package

But the darker side of the week.. I got sick and the biggest issue is that I'm suppose to go to a surgery on next Tuesday but I can't go if I'm sick and have a fever. So I spent the whole weekend mostly sleeping and taking meds. However, Kristel and Laura visited me and gave me some "healing" energy and we watched a horror movie, so thankfully, I got some joyous company for some time.

At least I didn't starve

Last thing - Happy Easter! Eggs crushed and eaten, also, I even feel better now, let's hope I'll get well. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


"Life is sweet"

Hi everyone. So, recently, AriZona Eesti sent me a package which consisted of 12 ice tea bottles. The drink isn't very popular in my country yet but I tried three different tastes and my favorite was the green tea with honey. The tea with pomegranate was also quite good, tried it even after heating the drink up but I liked it more when it was cold - straight outta fridge. The peach flavored black tea wasn't really my type but it's only my taste, don't know about you. I drink tea regularly almost every day, so I'm good at criticizing the taste of these iced teas.
Like I said, I got 12 bottles of these tasty drinks and it would be rude of me if I didn't share at least half of them with you. That means I'm going to make my first giveaway. To participate, go to my Facebook page over HERE and follow the instructions there. Have a nice day! :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Vice City

"Party hard, make mistakes, laugh endlessly. Do things you're afraid to do. After all, you're only young once."

I love parties, especially birthday parties of my great friends. The picture above is taken of me and two birthday stars Joonas and Karl. The party was retrostyled, so we dressed up in 80's fashion and listened to ABBA, Michael Jackson and many more like them. Joonas got 20 and Karl 22 years old - I feel like a small child between them. 

I, Marleen, Meriliis and Madis - party mood = superb

Punk on point - Joonas & Triin

My comrade Kevin, thinking about history

We danced, played beer pong, ate, drank - it was awesome. We played beer pong and I was in team with Kaido, we won the first game but unfortunately lost the second one. I felt like a professional sportsman because we even had a commentator for the game. He asked me who or what I would like to thank for and I replied "Mom, dad and beer" - life ye. 

Match in progress, Kaido throwing the ball, Johannes commentating

VICE - violence, sex & drugs

Kristjan and Emilia

I don't know why am I so sad when I have two good-looking girls on both of by hands

 Johanna & Karl                                                              Härold "Lennon" Välba

Actually my weekend started with not very interesting Red Cross lecture. I went there because it's needed to be completed to get my driver's license. The first lecture was on Friday and the second one was on Saturday. Even through the lectures were protracted, I still managed to make new friends - Ken, Aveli and Kaisa. By the end, I can tell that I'm happy that I attended the lectures.

Taking a break from saving lives

Little bit about the beginning of the week too. It was my teacher's birthday and our class wished him happy birthday by giving him one of the most delicious cakes. His last name is Iro and everyone makes jokes about his name - how IROnic etc, so we put on his cake "42-ain't Ironic?". Also we got our class's pictures, you can see them below. 

             Ain with the cake                                                  Pictures of my class

Well, that was one of my longest posts, maybe even the longest. Right now, it's Sunday, I'm writing the post and listening to retro music (Europe - TheFinal Countdown at the moment) :D. 

Mark the Photographer

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sweet cinnamon

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light." - Helen Keller

Well, do you want to know what's the weirdest weird movie ever? No, right? :D "The Brothers Grimsby" is the title of the movie that I went to see with my friends on Friday. The leading role was played by Sacha Baron Cohen - known for "Borat" and "The Dictator". The movie had lots of "straight outta ass" jokes but I still loved it. Actually I didn't plan to go to the cinema, I was just jamming with two of my friends Merili and Mark at my place and some of my classmates texted me and asked if I wanted to drive with them to Pärnu and watch something - I was like, yeah, why the hell not. After the film we were like, woah, what the f- was that. Sorry for the language, but that's how it was. Also we went to McDonald's and after that headed back home.

 Merili, Mark and I swapped our faces

 Günther's car in Pärnu

Saturday was also quite interesting, I even read a book, not gonna tell what book yet. Trying to finish it before. Later, my familia and I went to my uncle's birthday party. So much food.. mm.. Wished him best luck, reminded him that he got EVEN older now and asked him how he likes his mid-life crisis. x) Humor. I wasn't at the party for a long time, I met up with Kaido, Mark and Merili and we went to Mark's place and had a great karaoke night with some cheap wine.

The best thing about birthdays - FOOD

Typical Mark - harassing x)

Hat on point

Call me

Now, Sunday, that's the best day of the week 'cus my sweeeeet granny came to visit me. She brought my favorite cinnamon rolls and I made coffee and we had a little chat. Quality time :).


Thursday, March 10, 2016

FC Hälvikud

"Football is a matter of life and death, except more important." - Bill Shankly

As I promised, here is the post about FC Hälvikud. Well, the "club" was founded on May 28, 2013 by me - actually not only me but I like to take credit for starting this :D. The name Hälvikud was just the first word that came into my mind. At first it was more like "just let's go play football" group but about a year later we also created a Youtube channel which now has over 200 subscribers and over 20 000 views. On the channel, there are videos about us playing football, doing challenges, playing FIFA etc. Whether it's sunny or snowy - we don't care, it's all about having fun. You can check out what we've been doing lately on our FB page or YT channel. Right now our team has 11 players - you can check the names on the Facebook page.
If you haven't seen our newest video with Mariel and Kristel Pähkel then make sure to check it out too HERE!

Testing our pace against a tractor

Simon having a conversation with me about how spectacular our club is

"Practise makes perfect."

"Happiness is the key to success."

Riskin our lives yo

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Birthday girl

"You don't get older, you get better." - Shirley Bassey

Hi everyone! It's been almost a week since the last post. Anyway, I had an amazing week. Like I said in last post, I went for a 12 km run around Lake Viljandi, well, I did the same thing on Tuesday only faster. The whole run was 12,5 km long and my time was 1h 15min. The time is really pleasing for me and all thanks to my friend Markus, who ran faster than I would've ran alone and due that he kept my pace up.


Well, the main event this week was my wonderful friend Kellyly's birthday party. Before the party I thought it was about time to go to the hairdresser's. Later, I and Mark went to the party. As we always have liked Michael Bay movies, we made a hell of a entrance. As we gave the gift, the gift bag broke and everything fell onto the ground - yeah, our bought expensive wine bottle just broke, only glass shards left of it. Although, the beginning of the evening wasn't such as we mabye planned, the later night was splendid. Kellyly promised to "try" alcohol on her 18th birthday and she redeemed her promise x). Good thing was that besides dancing after nowadays pop songs, we listened Ray Charles and Elvis Presley and did some classical moves too. We even took some pictures, not many, but enough to capture the mood of the party.

 My beautiful dance partner Merit

 With Kati, Triinu and birthday girl Kellyly

Party up!

 Mark & Rait, alright?

Birgit & Kati

Well today, I discovered that I had a glass shard in my toe - karma for cracking the wine bottle.. :D But that didn't stop me from playing football with friends. Little sport done, I went dining with Mark, Kaido and Simon and after that went home. Here I am again. :) Bye for now!