Saturday, August 27, 2016


"Actually, the moment of victory is wonderful, but also sad. It means that your trip is ended." - Bill Toomey

Omg, it's almost time to go back to school. There are school-themed commercials everywhere and I still feel like the summer just began.
Few days ago I went to Tallinn with my friend (and dancepartner) Merit, her sista Laura and my new friends Rauno & Kirsika. I was just bored of being at home all day so the day went much brighter when I got the chance to go to Tallinn with them. While we were driving we exchanged our thoughts about Weekend festival with Merit and Laura. The festival was so huge that I only saw them once during the three days I spent in Pärnu. When we finally arrived, we went shopping and I bought myself some new fresh kicks and a Suicide Squad t-shirt (I still haven't seen the actual movie but many have said that the shirt itself is better than the movie :D). We weren't happy about the shopping-all-day-thing with Rauno and we tried not to cry too much. Later, we dropped off Laura because she was going to Denmark the following day. When we were driving back to Viljandi we suddenly decided to visit Rummu. The weather was superb at the moment we planned this - fog and sunset at the same time looked glorious. But when we arrived the sun had already went down and it was too dark to take the pictures, sadly. In overall, the trip was awesome because I don't see Merit too often and it's always great to see her and have a talk about the stupid things we've been doing lately.

Top of the hill - posing with Merit

Top quality pictures

 Quite scary, isn't it?

The next day I woke up and again went to Tallinn, this time by train. I met up with my friends from the media seminar I recently attended. When I waited for Mery-Ly, some foreigners came to me and started talking about their religion. Even though I'm not religious I heard them out and broadened my horizons a bit I guess. After that we went for a coffee with Mery-Ly and had some quality time together. We went to a bar where she works and I made a new aquintance in there who liked my shirt I bought the previous day so much that she wanted to buy/take/steal it from me. Now I know that if I ever have a need to have a glass of whiskey with ice, I go to Route 13. The American atmosphere over there is astonishing, splendid.

Route 13

After that we met up with Julia, Ilona and Andrei and before going to the movies had a coffee with them and reminded the "old times" when we were at the camp. We watched Bad Moms and it was freaking hilarious. I'm not a fan of comedies but it was really funny, you better watch it. I rate it 8 out of 10. 8 because it was funny but like I said, I'm not a fan of the comedy genre. After the film I ran to the old town to get the keys to the apartment I had to stay the night at. That was right after we sent Julia, Ilona and Andrei onto the bus. Finally, we went to Route 13 because you know, Life is a Highway. I had a whiskey with ice and we had a chat with some people. Groovy.

The Real Suicide Squad 


The morning after

The next day I went back to my sweet hometown and met up with my best friends and as you know me, I like to talk about myself, eh. :D They had to listen all the crap I had done in Tallinn. Right now, I'm writing this post in Kristel's laptop. I'm with my friends but while they're having fun and all the laughs, I'm being a total computer whiz by writing this post. :D

Computer Whiz


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Next da Vinci

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams

This month has been amazing so far. I went to a painting camp - yep, I know I can't paint. The last time I picked up a brush and used it for painting was in 9th grade. Even then it wasn't voluntarily, it was in school. However, I wanted to attend the camp for one day because I needed to see how rusty my painting skills were. Thanks to my high self-esteem I could say that I'm not that bad but that's only my opinion. There were people who were actually really really good compared to me.

 Acting like I know what I'm doing

My painting is the first in the second row. The one with the long post in front.

The next great thing was that I succeeded my final driving exam. Since the 19th of August I'm officially allowed to steer the wheel of a motor vehicle - hell yeah! Of course I've been cruising down the streets a lot now and almost even managed to cause an accident when reversing the car. Right now, I don't have my own car but I'm driving my mom's old car which is pretty much a junkyard's material.
Talking about what I'm planning to do next. Well, in a few days I'm going to Tallinn to see my friends from the media camp. I don't know what we're gonna do yet but we'll see. Furthermore, I registered myself for a blogging class. It's going to take place in Tallinn in a month and I can't wait to go there. I'm looking to make many new aquintances and learn some new stuff.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


"The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read." - Oscar Wilde

The seminar is over, sadly. The 7 days I spent in there were unforgettable. The seminar was located firstly in Laulasmaa which is near Tallinn and the last three days in Paide. At the start, it was kinda hard because I came there straight after the Weekend Festival and I was totally exhausted. The exciting part of the camp was that I didn't know anybody in there at the beginning. I had to slowly fade in and start making some friends. The first aquintances were made at the bus stop before we went to Laulasmaa. I introduced myself to my future roommates Paul and Kaarel. Paul is an amazing photographer and took many pictures of the camp and Kaarel is a social butterfly who's also really skilled at basketball.


Releasing my inner tiger

It wasn't always warm so Kaarel and I brought our blankets with us

The first day at the seminar was pretty quiet. The second day when the lectures became, I met with this charming girl at a coffee break. She has a name too and it's Mery-Ly. When I was waiting for my coffee she was like: "Hey, can you hold my cup for a sec?" and I was like: "If you pay me well then yeah." - that's where our relationship began (not that relationship, we're friends, just really good friends). OK, no messing around. We spent most of the time together and she was my companion for the whole seminar. It was really hard to concentrate on the lectures because we didn't sleep much at nights - we had to watch movies, chat and laugh and eventually pass out due exhaustion. She speaks fluent Estonian and Russian so thanks to her I also made some Russki-speaking friends. Julia, Ilona and Andrei were part of our main squad. They have been learning Estonian for ten years already and understand pretty much everything we said in Estonian. It was nice to see that they really want to learn the language and they even took some notes to improve their vocabulary of their free time. Of course they weren't the only ones that improved themselves. I did too. My Estonian vocabulary was improved a lot because I was surrounded by intelligent people. They used words I've never heard of - now I can play smartass in front of my friends and talk in a "language" they won't understand, ha.

Robert & Karl jammin'

My niggah Joosep 

 It all started when I wanted to take a photo of me and Joosep, suddenly everyone came :D

Fun af

Inside jokes are always the heart of great friendship. Mery-Ly, Julia, Ilona, Andrei and I got along so well and now I can't wait to visit the capital city to see them. They called me "kutsikas" (in English: "puppy") at the beginning and in the end "tiiger" (in English: "tiger") because I was with Mery-Ly all the time and they considered me as her pet - well, where did I go wrong? :D There were many more inside jokes but you wouldn't understand them and they wouldn't be "inside" anymore if I told you - "Suu kinni, istu oma kohale!"

Emotions after having a 4-hour sleep (Mery-Ly said that this pic is the cutest, I agree)

We were sulky because Mery-Ly was about to leave - Mery-Ly squatting, from left to right Toomas, Andrei, Ilona, Julia

However, talking more about the educational part, even though I'm not planning to study journalism in future I find that the media seminar was totally worth the time. I made some new friends and contacts with in future I can hang out or work together on some project for example. Firstly, we visited Postimees, ERR and Kanal 2 which are the biggest media channels in Estonia. Secondly, we went to Arvamusfestival 2016 which is an event where people can attend lectures and have a voice in. Our job with the seminar was to interview people and film it. We interviewed president candidates like Siim Kallas, Allar Jõks, Mailis Reps and even some regular visitors to hear what they think of the festival so far. I also attended some drug-related lecture with Joosep but didn't really have time to attend anything else. In conclusion, it was a great experience for all of us.

Posing like we were about to drop the next hit album in ERR studio

News anchors

Interview in progress

Our team - from left Nadja, Grete, Joosep, Toomas, Sarah, Robert, Siim

Resting after hard work with Joosep and Olle

I can't believe the seminar ended. It was so much fun, I wanna go back. I would like to thank Anu Viltrop, Julia Amor and Ivo Rull for making this amazing thing happen. I hope I see my friends again!

The whole package

Collage of Mery-Ly, Ilona and Julia - Где Андрей?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekend Festival 2016

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."

Weekend was LIT, maaaaan. I had so much fun. I attended the festival with my good friends Mariel, Kristel, Laura, Karlis,Günther and Kristjan. I managed to get ourselves a nice place to stay and the host who "somehow" is my stepsister's mum made our mornings sweet by making us some delicious pancakes and coffee - we were pleased. :)


The 90€ I spent to buy the ticket was totally worth the price. The mood over there was so different - everyone seemed so free and I even forgot the ordinary life, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one. My favorite artists were Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Garrix, Cartoon, Robin Schulz and Axwell Λ Ingrosso. Others were great too but one artist that I was little disappointed with was Avicii. As I've heard, he's retiring soon and it's probably because he doesn't like the celeb-status. Due that, the performance wasn't really as good as I expected - he didn't show his face at all and he played only few of his songs. Don't get me wrong, Avicii is still one of my favorite DJ's and I love his music. On the last day we met an Australian girl and we had a convivial converstation all together. She talked about how she has some relatives living in Estonia and how different is the culture in here. There were two main topics of what we had a discussion about: price comparison of vodka between our countries and dangerous species in Australia. It was awesome!

Truly great experience

With my friend Mariel

My local newspaper just made an article about my blog and if you want to read it go check out my Facebook page and look it up.

Karlis & Kristel

The post is late because I'm at media seminar and I'm soooo busy in here. I have slept in total of 7 hours the past two days and I'm exhausted. Wait for the next post where I'm going to post some pics of the seminar and talk about it.

Monday, August 1, 2016


 "The person who receives the most favors is the one who knows how to return them." - Publilius Syrus

Last post until Weekend, yeah! I'm so excited for Weekend festival, just can't wait to dance and scream myself to death already. We're going to vlog the festival with my fellow-blogger Mariel so you better look forward to it! :D

Triin 18

My classmate Triin recently turned 18. I know I promised to make pics of Mark's birthday party but I forgot. Both parties were awesome. I saw my classmates who I hadn't talked to since school and I had a chat with my good friend Merit (the one with pink hair and pink skirt XD). It was nice.

Didn't see the photographer

We also went to see a movie Lights Out with mah friends. The film was hair-raising because it had so many jumpscares in it and most of us hadn't seen a scary movie in a cinema before. We went drag-racing (not really but yeah) and took some top drawer pics. Karlis even managed to push his car to the limits - the clutch of the car started to act weirdly after some drift and drag sessions. But we got home so it's OK at least for us. :D

The Golf Gang 

We can pretty much see who's the normal one in here

 Credit goes to Mark Drõgin photography

Viljandi is my sweet little hometown as some of you know. My town is quite well-known due a festival called Folk. It's like Oktoberfest but with folk music. We had great time there and I helped my friend Karl to set up his hookah lounge Jookah in there. It was nice to chill and offer people the best hookah in Viljandi.

 The furniture was the biggest attention-magnet

Deep Mark

My friend Elerin 

 Having a great time

People from Tallinn who came to folk

A small boy performing on the street

 Kermo with the young ladies

Many people photographed us too