Saturday, December 31, 2016


"Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection." - Winston Churchill

It's Christmas and New Year's Eve that's on our minds right now. Christmas was joyful as always and besides spending quality time with mi familia, I shared Christmas happiness with my friend Merili too. My mom finally told my brother that Santa Claus doesn't exist but yea, he knew that already. Furthermore, I restarted my gym membership because you know after Christmas I have to lift those extra kilos down.
Before going to a 2-week holiday, I attended a school ball. The party was themed after cartoons and dresscode was also some cartoon character. I dressed myself up as Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. and when I arrived I saw something inevitable - most of the guests didn't follow the dresscode rules and came in suits and dresses. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one dressed up like a mascot of a football game. There were a few others. At the ball, we also won 3 Oscars with our film.

Tšoba, Erik and I - "Focus"

On stage

The ball or prom or sth

However, talking more about the 24th. After reading poems to Santa with my family, I met up with Merili and we went to my place. We had an awesome night with Merili. We stayed up till 7 a.m - the night mostly consisted of singing, dancing and talking. We had some weirds thoughts about going to swim because we thought it would've been memorable Christmas if we went swimming that day. Fortunately, we were smart enough to not get ourselves sick for the remaining holiday. It was one of the best Christmas I've ever had.

The pictures I gave to my friends and family for Christmas


Thursday, December 15, 2016


"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou

You know that feel when you want to have fun and relax but at the same time you're thinking whether you should do something useful instead? Well, this weekend I managed to do both - I had a wonderful time and did something that I'm proud of. I'm just going to start from the beginning, from Friday.
I had a chemistry test and it was a total success. I'm glad that I studied hard the previous day. However, the day only went better because it was the day Merili was going to throw her birthday party at her home. The party was awesome and we even had a discussion about school with Merili's mother who is a chemistry teacher herself. What I remember the best was the talk we had with Merili and Härold about what girls talk and what guys talk when they're all by themselves, the conversation went south so fast.. Before going home I went to school, that was in about 4 a.m or so. Why I went there, you're about to find out.

Merili - one of my best friends; Joosep - one of my biggest FIFA rivals 

 Raiko & Grete

 Mark Drõgin's Photography at your service

Gabriella & Meriliis

A worldwide event called Ludum Dare took place from Saturday to Monday. The event is about creating games. It's also very interesting because the topic of the game is chosen by the people a day before the start. My classmate Sander decided to take part of this contest in the first place and he organized the team - Sander, Juhan, Oliver & I. The name of the team is TASS Studios (TASS = first letter of our surnames). We told our school's headmaster that we'd like to stay at school for the weekend to build our game and thankfully, she was okay with it and everything worked out just fine. So, the day after Merili's birthday, in the afternoon Sander picked me and my setup up and we drove to school. Soon, Juhan and Oliver joined us and we started brainstorming on what're we going to create, what's our objective. The topic people chose was "one room". I'm not quite sure if our game meets the requirement but as our game takes place on Earth then let's assume the world itself qualifies as ONE ROOM. Saturday mostly consisted talking and discussing what our game is going to be about and how we're going to do it. Oliver was our lead programmer, actually our only programmer, Sander did pixel art, Juhan and I wrote the plot, made the sound effects and music.

 Two geeks trying to look smart

TASS Studios - Oliver took the picture

Furthermore, on Saturday the long workday ended with Deez nutz's birthday party. Kristel and Mariel celebrated their 17th birthday and thankfully, I found time to attend the party. I managed to befriend some gals and pals with who I had never talked before and it was cool. Sadly, I couldn't enjoy the party for a long time because I had to go back to school. Juhan picked me up and took me back. We developed the game until we were totally exhausted, in about 4 a.m or so we couldn't hold our eyes open anymore and went home to sleep.

 Guests lining up to take a picture with the famous fashion blogger and birthday girl...

...and ofc the second twin was also the birthday queen that day...

...therefore there comes Härold.. x)

On Sunday, I woke up, made some coffee and walked to the schoolhouse while taking a few sips of coffee from my thermos. The day wasn't easy but I enjoyed every little bit of it. My classmate Erik joined us too, he's the one with who I'm making the shortmovie - you'll see it soon, probably in the next post. Now, tuning back to #devlog. We were finally getting somewhere even though I often had to remind Juhan that he freaking has to work not waste time talking trash, I even sent him to wash the dishes if he didn't cooperate. I felt like I was his mom or dad or sth x). While we were working a guy from a security company came to check what's going on and the principal of the gymnasium visited us too. It was quite late when she came and she told us that the following day is a schoolday and we should get some sleep too and I responded that school comes second in our priority list right now. For our luck, she understood that I was joking or was I?

Erik's workstation in front

You can play the game on but I'm not going to promote it too much before the game is totally complete and up on the app stores (iOS and Android). By the way, the name of the game is Heavens Inc.

 Some gifs of our live stream, pure gold

Friday, December 9, 2016


"Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley." - Theodore Roethke

I'm trying really hard to stay in my post per week schedule and even though I've been really active and done many things lately which I wanna talk about in my blog, I find it really hard to use the spare time I have to make a new blog post. I'm just so tired of school, why can't the winter holiday start already? The week has been really hard for me because all of the sudden we had a huge English vocabulary test on Tuesday and 3 tests on Thursday. The English test was quite difficult but I managed to pass the test with a casual 4. The Thursday wasn't really easier but enough of that sad shiet.

Does Santa's magic elf visits your home too?

Meanwhile, one of my best friends aged. Merili got older, yehuu - not enough to drink and drive (you never get old enough to be allowed to drink and drive at the same time) but she got 16, jeez what a child, right? :D Actually, I just feel old when I'm helping the girl with her physics..

We had a nice walk and talk with these guys + Mark 


That's how messed up my weeks are right now

But before all that, on last Friday, I visited Teeviit 2016 which is an education fair with my friend Sten. I enjoyed the event and even saw some of my friends with who I attended the media seminar in summer. I learned more about volunteering and studying abroad, these topics are really important for me because I'm thinking about studying abroad and furthermore I'm having thoughts about doing voluntary work after high school but that's unlikely to happen because education comes first for me.

Teeviit 2016 

After 5 hours of walking around and seeking for advice, our stomachs insisted on a pizza

If you haven't seen the picture I worked on for a couple of hours then here it is. Make sure to like it on my Facebook page too!