Thursday, December 21, 2017


"Now let the moment break you, let the feeling come take you. Won't do you no good." - No Good, Kaleo

It's almost Christmas and before it's time to wrap up all the presents, I wanted to make a post about my doings lately. Actually, half of the things that I'm about tell you happened almost a month ago so yeah - "lately" my ass, I'm just too lazy to write posts right now.
Anyway, it's winter and it's getting more and more colder outside and I don't have a car anymore so I helped my friend Karlis to change the tires of his car. Both rookies, we had never done this by ourselves. It took some time but we handled the process quite easily. After that we awarded ourselves with a few burgers, felt like car mechanics. If you know me well, you might know that I have a crush on classic cars, especially I'd love to own a Mustang in future. The point is that after we spent some hours in a garage, I started wondering about going to vocational school after university for a year to train myself more on that field. Also, it connects with my current studies (mechatronics) in university. Just a thought, don't know what the future actually brings.


Furthermore, I'm officially now a member of the education committee and youth council in Viljandi's municipality. I already had the first meeting with the committee and I'm really glad that I can contribute in my hometown's education system. Also, the youth council have had a couple of get-togethers. We discussed about the plans of the following year and even went to test our teamwork skills in an escape room.


2 criminals - a Columbian sicario and a thief

Moreover, before I start talking about the hardcore fiestas I've had recently, I and my friend Juhan decided to take part of a start up competition. We have another video game idea and we thought why not try to get some funding at the event. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get into the finals but one of the organizers gave me a hint where we should reach out next.

Pitchin' @ MEKTORY

Aaalright! Besides the study, I've had some crazy-ass parties too. Four of my friends had birthdays. At the beginning of December, Annika with who I attended WEEKEND festival together, threw a party which was really cool, my bestie Merili had a small sit-down with her buddies, my cousin had a party with his friends and the day after with the familia. Annika's and Merili's birthdays both took place on the same day so it wasn't easy to coordinate myself between the two parties.

Merili's sweet 17

Surprisingly, the whole December has been really "party-ful" - every weekend, I've had some crazy adventures but they're too explicit for this blog (again, dear future employer, hi!). My really great friends Kristel and Mariel aka Deez Nutz also celebrated their 18th birthday. This was crazy, again.. At first, they had a dress-code (70s) but they decided to remove it but finally I was the only one to show up following the dress-code but what can I do, I loved the outfit I had chosen.

@ Merili's before Deez Nutz' birthday party

"Tomaré whisky con hielo, por favor."

Partypic with Merili and Raiko

The day after the party I didn't feel so good. However, Karlis and his brother Mick tricked me to go to a party in Tartu. I was like "hell no" but I agreed to go if I was the driver. It was really cool to see them drunk while being sober myself. We met up with some of our friends there and visited some pubs and clubs, I also got the chance to drift with Karlis' family van.
And the most recent event, I missed my last test in maths because I couldn't resist an invitation to a dorm party yesterday. So far I hadn't failed any tests and now I missed the last one. It's almost holiday but I still managed to f-ck up.

Asked a security guy take a photo of us in Tartu, this is what the outcome looks like x)

 Party-ful - the dorm party and Tartu trip in a collage


Monday, November 27, 2017


"It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family." - Philip Green

Well, I had a long "weekend" at home. I already went to Viljandi on Wednesday because I had to attend the youth council meeting. I also had a test in electrical engineering and I feel that I did well. However, I took these couple of days off to go home because I've done my schoolwork in advance and I had to write a few motivational letters and an essay for travelling purposes and I just missed my friends and family.
After the meeting on Wednesday, I went home and just chilled with my family. I helped my little bro with his math exercises and beated him in FIFA - it was fun. Sad thing is that I don't have any more episodes of The 100 left, good thing is that I decided to start watching it from season 1 again. And as I'm really obsessed with Photoshop again and I love The 100, I just thought that I'd like to practice making photos a bit cartoony by making a fan art of the show. I picked my favorite character of the series and spent a couple of hours making the sketch. Furthermore, the pic above is also done by me and you don't need to tell me how odd it looks, I know haha.

You have to watch The 100 for sure - fell in love with Raven myself

I spent my days mostly writing, studying and watching the show or movies. When it came to nights I had tons of fun with my friends. We cruised around, went out for dinner with music and partied. Craziest night was on Saturday when we thought with guys that it would be awesome to just sit down together and talk about guys' stuff while sipping some whiskey or something. We did that except we grouped up with our friends who aren't really guys but who cares, we still had hell of a lot fun together. We were at Merili's with Kristjan, Mark, Simon, Kaido, Kristel and Merili and afterwards went out to the city center to meet up with some others. I also saw my friend Kermo and somehow managed to promise that I would go to Guns N' Roses concert with him in next summer (so I have some plans for the summer now).

@ Legend - moment captured by Ako Lehemets

@ Legend with Kristel / Kaido doing a patriotic dare @ Merili's


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Blossom out

"Yes I'm tired of all this talking 'cause everything you hear is empty words." - Blossom, Milky Chance

Another long period of time since the last post. Well, maybe I really have motivation problems lately but the thing is I don't have any free tiiiime. School is keeping me busy, I'm trying to get myself into entrepreneurship (maybe you'll hear about it soon!) and I started watching Stranger Things and The 100 TV shows again. 
I took a whole weekend to study and do my chores. I'm currently doing my programming homework, now that I ran into some bug I can't seem to fix I decided to write a blog post instead. I also have to write a motivational letter to attend a course abroad in spring and I found an essay competition which I wanna take part in - so I have too fu**ing much to do. 
Well, the previous things I wrote above were my doings lately, now or near future. But as I haven't posted for a while again then I have several moments I wanna share with you and my future self.
Firstly, one evening when I decided to have a sit-down with my friends from Viljandi, the girls (Kristel, Mariel and Merili) decided they wanted to make the guys a little less masculine. To do that, the put some make up on us, by us I mean my great friend Peeter and I.


Secondly, one day Mark came to visit me in Tallinn and we went shopping (didn't buy anything tho) and afterwards had some beers and a pizza. It was cool and the waitress at the diner was really beautiful (should've asked her name)!


I'm starting to get used to living in the capital, I've made many new friends and acquaintances and we're living the real uni-life with our hometown squad in here. Toomas Erik out!

Found some selfies so I thought why not put these in the post

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


"I rob banks for a living, what do you do?" - John Dillinger

It's been two weeks since I got back from Hungary. Therefore, there's been lots of studying again but that's not what I'm going to talk about in this post. I had my 20th birthday party at my home in Viljandi. Kicked my family out for a day and had a blast with my friends. Unfortunately, I can't share too many photos or videos of the event because they're too explicit for this blog (Dear future employers, I am doing this for you too). But no pic no proof so I can just say what happened. I told the guests that every wall must stand after the party so someone decided just to make a hole through a wall. It's OK, I wasn't surprised in the morning :D. There were a few other things broken too but this was normal considering how lit the party was. Everyone had a square meter or sth like that per person and it felt like a party which you see from the movies (not as crazy as Project X though). However, if you turn 20 and it's your special birthday then some might expect some great "girl action" too but instead... well I got a lap dance and I was sung a serenade but these weren't performed by a female (which would've made them a little bit more perfect). My jackass friend Maru was the star of that night. By the way, his name means "rage" in English, I guess his parents got the name right.. Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who came and moreover the ones who helped me clean the house afterwards. It was a great 12-hour run together!

 Collage of the most "normal" pics of the night #1

 Merili told me to open her gift the following morning - what I faced was a sweet collection of some essentials

Collage of the most "normal" pics of the night #2

It's Halloween, why is it so special for me? Well, Stranger Things season 2 is out! Shout-out to Merili with who I'm going to watch the new season even though we don't live in the same town anymore :/. It's one of the greatest shows I've watched and I definitely recommend you to check out the show and my last post about the series.
Furthermore, I had a small sauna party with some of my classmates which turned out quite crazy at the end. I'm not going into too many details but yeah, after that evening I spent my remaining two days behind the computer screen. I needed to fulfill the needs of my nerd side too so I attended a hackathon called Tehnohack, tried to code there a bit, moreover went to dorm and stayed up all night making some sketches in Photoshop and the day after slept till afternoon and then decided I want to make a retro-styled mixtape. Anyway, I had a weekend which was diverse as hell. Happy Halloween, dear readers!

Joker & Harley Quinn

Sunday, October 22, 2017


"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." - Jimmy Dean

Wonderful, exhausting but my emotions are great after the five days I spent in Hungary. Like most of you know, I started university like a month ago, I also joined an organisation called BEST. So, why I had this amazing journey to Budapest? The BEST organisation has it's local groups around whole Europe (BEST stands for Board of European Students of Technology) and therefore regional meetings (later called RM) are organised so different local groups could come together to discuss about their plans and doings (and also have some fun!). This RM which called name is RM of Tararas was really special for me because it was the first international event with BEST for me and it also wasn't my local BEST group's regional meeting I attended, I was an out of region (OoR) participant, so to speak an Estonian spy.

A group photo of all the participants and organizers

But what I did there? Mm, we had some training sessions, I had to introduce my local BEST group and of course, we had lots of fun and I met many new amazing people. I started my trip on Thursday by waking up in 4 a.m to catch my flight. It was little bit scary because it was my first flight alone but it turned out that I actually like to travel alone. When I arrived in Budapest I took some time to enjoy the city center and considering the fact that I'm not an artsy person, I loved the architecture of the city. I went to have a lunch and then went to the place the RM was going to take place using public transport. I was the earliest participant in there and met with some of the organizers. At first, I felt really odd in there because the more people came the more I felt lonely because I knew no-one in there.However, thankfully my roommates from Ukraine interacted with me. Thanks to them I started to enjoy the RM right away. Since the RM took place like 25 km from Budapest, we had no idea where we could find the nearest shop. I can say we didn't find one but we found a strip club even though we sadly forgot to go there. Anyway, in the first evening I had to present my LBG (local BEST group) which is as you might know LBG Tallinn. I was little bit nervous because I haven't been in the organisation for a long time yet and I'm not quite familiar with it's structure and projects yet. Thankfully, the presentation went fine, I managed to make the crowd laugh for a couple of times which is important to me as it makes me more confident during the presentations. After that, we had a party and we danced and had a huge amount of fun altogether. I met more and more people and therefore felt more and more awesome.

Emotions after the workshop about social media promotion

We had a training session about presentation skills which I think was the most useful session for me this meeting 

Also, we got many wristbands from other LBGs

It wasn't an easy morning. I hadn't slept much and had to wake up early and the first training session I had chosen was IT tutorial which taught us how to properly use BEST's private website meant only for the members. It lasted for almost four hours but we had some coffee breaks too. After that we had a quiz about BEST and it's history. I was quite bad at it but at least we were in teams so I many wise gals and pals surrounding me, hehe. Furthermore, I attended a workshop about social media promotion. I'm quite familiar with the topic but I still got some new advice which I'm also going to use with my blog's FB page. Besides that, it was time for dinner and the last session was about different departments of BEST. After working hard the whole day, it was time for another party. What I still didn't do was that I couldn't manage to go to sleep early to be rested for the following day.

Feedback is the way to perfection 


Still, even though I was tired in the morning, it wasn't hard for me to take part of the session because it was about presentation skills and everyone had to talk and perform in front of the others. It was quite scary at first because I'm not used to perform in English but I liked that we got feedback from the others and learned some new tips and tricks to reduce podium stress. But then the day got bad for me. For some reason I had severe back pain, I couldn't move without pain and if I made any wrong move it also made me hard to breath. I managed to take the group photo but after that I had to skip the remaining two sessions I wanted to attend. I just laid in my bed and took many painkillers. I even called my mother and best friend to know the hell is happening and what should I do. Fortunately, painkillers did their job and I managed to attend the international evening. IE was awesome, imagine every country putting out its most special food and drinks. I prepared chocolate, mustard with bread, some candy and the classic Old Tallinn liquor. Somehow, I went to sleep at 6 a.m and woke up at the afternoon when most of the people had their things packed and Polish guy pulled me out of the bed.

The vibe of the international evening was amazing!

 Ha-ha, I picked that photo because it's like I'm playing an imaginary saxophone - finally I can say that I can play an instrument

Hot damn! 

My awesome neighbors from Ukraine

Living the life on the edge

The whole event was really educating and fun at the same time but this wasn't the end. We took a bus to the city and some of us left and we said our goodbyes but some of us including me stayed in Budapest for another day. Firstly, we went to one of the organizer place and ate lunch. Afterwards, we went to the city and enjoyed the pure beauty of the city. When the sun went down, we decided to go to a bar and got some beers and enjoyed the last few hours together. Love you, guys, see you around Europe!

 Trying to look like the statue

 Budapest is one of the nicest places to go for sure


 Sorry for blocking the view xd

A small collage of our adventures in the city

That wasn't all for me either, the following day I met up with a friend of mine from an Erasmus+ project which I attended last spring. We had a coffee and did a quick catch up on our doings lately until I had to leave to airport. It was nice to see you again, Anett!

 @ Budapest

My selfie skill isn't really good tho 

Starbucks spelled my name incorrect but I'd like my first name to have only one "o" anyway

Yeah, so far everything seems all good and stuff like that. There is only one thing I wish would've gone better which are the elections in my hometown. My political party didn't win and I didn't manage to get a seat in the city council. It's my own fault because again I have so many things to do and I lost my focus at the end of the campaign. But what I learned from that is that I should try everything even though if I'm not sure about myself - therefore, there won't be any regrets later.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cardboards & Submarines

"Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds." - George Eliot

Well, well, well. Another week or so has passed by and my friends from Viljandi are still thinking that I'm only partying in university. I can prove the opposite, for example when I started writing this post I was in library and I studied 3 hours straight, be proud. It's great to write some actual text sometimes over the numbers and programming languages I'm used to at school.

Okay, we party sometimes too (next to me is Sten, the one I'm afraid who claims my blog's biggest hater title)

So far, I've spent most of my weekends in my hometown. Last weekend, I spent time with my best friends and my family. Because my brother insisted, I bought the new FIFA and after that we went out to eat lunch (Hesburger), it was lit. Furthermore met up with my pals and gals. Viljandi is a quiet town and we just chilled and played football in the middle of the street - it was awesome. Merili and I also found a new way to reduce the stress level that sometimes initiates after socializing. We found some cardboard boxes and we drew faces of people we didn't like on them and after that just freakin tore everything apart - IT FELT GREAAAT! You can see the before and after pics below.



Buuut there is MORE - the upcoming Budapest trip, my birthday (hell yeah, I'm going to start my twenties soon!). I'm going to Budapest tomorrow and I'm quite nervous but I'm sure it's gonna be great. Furthermore, I'm going to throw my 20th birthday soon so stay tuned for the next two posts.
I know this wasn't one of my best posts but I know how to make it even. Just listen this..

Friday, September 29, 2017

Eat | Study | Party | Repeat

"Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Unilife is lit. I'm studying like a maniac but still have time for parties and it's just amazing. The only issue I'm facing soon is exhaustion. Eat, sleep study, party, repeat. But still, I have met many amazing people. The thing with university is that you meet people who mostly share the same interests as you. I get to fulfill the needs of my both personalities (those who don't know I have a slight form of split personalities - Toomas, the social butterfly and Erik, the nerd who loves to study and work hard). Toomas enjoys the parties which happen quite often. For example, as I'm writing this post I'm killing my time until the party which locates in an underground parking lot starts. We also had a small "meet n greet" thingy last week where we went to Old Town and visited some bars. However, thankfully Erik holds Toomas under control and for example yesterday night I completed the programming homework which had a deadline in October 15th.

Meet n greet @Tallinn Old Town 

Actually I put the flash on by accident x)

One half of our studygroup

We have an amazing study group with who I study physics together. Once or twice a week we gather up in library and reserve a private room in there. I love to study what I'm interested in. At first, I wasn't quite sure if I'm studying the right thing but I thought I'd still give it a shot. I also bought a new laptop Dell XPS which is capable of playing FIFA 18 (of course) and it looks solid which is important to me, I needed a powerful computer which didn't look like a gaming machine. Furthermore, I'm broke af because I bought the laptop and also moved from my sister's to dormitory. At least now I live near the school and can sleep longer.
What else.. hmm.. Oh, just the thing that I'm going to Budapest in October!!! Like I said in the last post that I joined BEST-Estonia which is an international organisation. This organisation freaking sends me to Budapest to attend a Regional Meeting where I have to represent our local BEST group. It's scary as hell but I can finally get out of my comfort zone again! The meeting takes place from 12th till 15th but I'm going to stay till 16th because I want to explore Budapest by myself too - take some "me" time. Anyway, I'm sure it's gonna be cool.
October's gonna be busy. I'm also turning 20 then and I still have no glue whether I'm going to throw a huge party or a smaller one with my best friends. And more about birthdays, my friend Brigita got older and as usual she threw a small party at her countryside house. Sauna, hot tub, lot's of food and drinks and the most important, great company.

 Brigita 19

Find yourself a man who looks at you like Juhan looks at Brigita

Totally OK

I don't consider myself an artsy person but I love the 20th century, its style, groove, music etc. I accidentally found a photographer who's every photo is a small piece of art. His name is Vincent Peters and I'm just gonna leave my favorite photo of his.