Sunday, February 26, 2017

Love is the Way

"Life is the question and life is the answer and God is the reason and love is the way." - Johnny Cash

The holiday is about to end and my week has been quite diverse so far. I said in the last post that I'm going to visit a university in Tallinn to try out the life as a student, so I did visit the place and it was interesting - I went to 2 lectures, met new people and realized how huge the campus really is. One of the lectures was about databases and the other one teached the basics of organization management. My shadower warned me that the first lecture is going to be really boring and she was damn right, I couldn't understand almost anything. The second lecture was way more easier to listen and I liked it because I didn't feel lost or stupid in there. Anyway, the day was great and I'm really thankful for the opportunity to visit the university.
This week hasn't been ordinary also because of the Independence Day of my fatherland. On Thursday, I performed at the ceremony concert with my choir and dancing group. The day wasn't easy but it was worth the effort. I remember exactly how my legs ached at the end of the day but I still went to see a concert with two of my friends afterwards. The following day I watched the parade from the TV and in the evening went to see a movie with a couple of friends.

The three photos above were taken by Kris Süld

Yesterday, I went to celebrate my great friend and classmate's aging. Günther didn't invite anyone but still about 10 people managed come over and the party was awesome. Oh, and on Tuesday I had a barbeque night with Kristo, Lars and Kermo. The weather maybe wasn't the best for grilling outside but that wasn't an obstacle for us.

Workin' out with my classmates at Günther's

Today, February 26th, one of my biggest idols would've got 85 years old. It's Johnny Cash's birthday and I'm going to celebrate it by listening to my favorite songs by him. I even drew a picture of him, it's not perfect but I'm proud of it.

Monday, February 20, 2017


"I know what I've done for music, but don't call me a legend. Just call me Miles Davis." - Miles Davis

It's another school holiday, yay! At least it should be but it doesn't seem like one for me. I'm going to Tallinn University of Technology on Monday. I want to try out the life as a university student and because of that I'm going to follow a business information technology student for a day. More about that in the next post.4
I've been trying to get more alone time lately. Everyone on the Net have gone crazy about the upcoming season of Stranger Things and about a week ago I had no idea what this TV show was about so I gave it a try. I watched the first season and it was way more interesting that I expected. The science fiction takes place in the 80s and now I understand why everyone was so hyped about the next season - I can't wait either! Furthermore, I continued to watch a series about criminal law and justice - How to Get Away with Murder. These are the two shows I've spent most of my spare time with.

Stranger Things

Besides the anti-social life I've been living now, I visited my granny with my sister and also visited Viljandi's best local cafe Legend with my friends couple of times. One night when I was just casually watching my shows, my classmate Triin messaged me that she needs a lift with her own car. As always I was trying to do the right thing and went to Legend and sat down for a few minutes and then drove the girls home. The benefit I gained from this action was Triin's car. After I drove everyone home, Triin borrowed her car and because it's way more comfortable vehicle than mine, I picked up Merili and we cruised for a couple of hours, even had a late dinner outside the town. It's really nice to attend live concerts at Legend from time to time, especially on schooldays to have a break from studying.

Lens flare 

With Silver and Kristjan at Legend 

Legend - picture taken by Silver Tõnisson

Monday, February 13, 2017


"He played the king as if afraid someone else would play the ace." - John Mason Brown

Simple Session 17 was top notch! After last year's Simple Session I knew that I'm definately going to attend the event again in 2017. Our squad UNIKUM - Kaido, Mark, Simon, Härold & I; we were thrilled. We went to Tallinn by train and as we stayed again at Mark and Simon's older brother and his friends' house, I had that Deja Vu feeling when we arrived. We went to Tallinn on Friday, right after school. Simple Session's qualifications started on Saturday. I kept my fingers crossed for my favorite skaters and riders. Unfortunately none of the Estonians qualified for the finals and neither did my favorite street BMX rider Courage Adams. My favorite skaters Kechaud Johnson and Beaver Fleming both qualified for the finals and I managed to take a picture with Kechaud again (check out the last year's post too). It was awesome to shake hands and tell him "Nice riding, man!" At first we were with our guys' group but our friend from Tallinn also joined us. Hanna is the skater fan-girl I'm talking about and she also brought her friend Kayli with her who also seemed to be very nice. Later, after we arrived at our crib, we had some beers and played Guitar Hero - it was lit.

Kechaud Johnson back again with another pink cap

Guitar Hero 

Usually, the photographer stays behind the camera

Finals were even more heart-pounding. Kechaud's finals didn't go as well as I hoped for. I'm pretty sure that he wasn't satisfied either. He finished 9th and Beaver 6th. Beaver shined bright when it was time for the Skate Best Trick contest. He managed to surprise the crowd and judges with his technical skills and earned lots of cash thanks to that.

Grindin' that rail real good 

@ Saku Suurhall

Unikum (Kaido is missing)

It was interesting to watch BMX street but it wasn't the same without Courage Adams. Last year he just ACED IT. BMX park on the other hand is always the most emotional and frightering to watch. I'm a huge fan of Peraza brothers and because only Kevin Peraza qualified for the finals, I cheered on him the most. He won the BMX contest last year but this year he had to leave with the 6th place. He did an awful mistake by trying to grind on a rail which nobody else was brave enough to try. He fell twice and that was enough for Larry Edgar to claim the win.

BMX Street

 BMX Park

Kayli, Hanna & I

We went home on Monday and before leaving the capital city, I saw my old friend Erli. It's important to mention here because she's the one who has encouraged me and left me a really positive and motivational feedback about my blog. We had a small chat and it definately made my weekend even better to see another friendly face after all.
Now, the last thing - vlog. Mark made a rad video of the weekend. Check it out!!

Mark Drõgin Production


Monday, February 6, 2017


"Creativity takes courage." - Henri Matisse

Days are going by so fast and by now, I should've posted at least 2 posts. Well, I'm not gonna go into detail about what I've been up to lately because the post would be massive then.
I just returned home from Simple Session 17 in Tallinn. I'm going to share my impressions about the event in the next post because we just arrived and I'd like to rest at first.
There is one thing I forgot to mention in the previous post - my blog's birthday. My blog is now a year older and shows no signs of stopping. I know 1 year isn't much but it's still quite special I like to think.


Our folk dance group was reviewed the other day to see if we are ready to dance at the 12th Estonian youth song and dance celebration in the summer. That went well but can't say the same thing about my research work. I've worked so hard on my grades lately, I'm trying to get as many 5s as possible but the research work literally flew into pieces. Let's just hope that we can fix this with our group. Furthermore, because of Merili's huge love against animals, we've visited a local dog shelter a few times with her. It's heartwarming to see so many friendly faces in one place.

Two great buddies of mine

But going back to the school topic. As you know, I can't paint. I'm not talented but my art's teacher invited me and my friend Mark to pose for the artists of our school. We had to sit still for 1,5h and it wasn't an easy task to do. Can't wait to see the results tho!

@ art atelier

Like I said, this is only a short update post. Wait for the next one - #SIMPLESESSION17 !