Sunday, May 21, 2017

Helmet & 29"

"We rise by lifting others." - Robert Ingersoll

School is pretty much over yet I don't have too much free time in my hands. It's a good thing though since it doesn't make me excessively bored.
Starting off with my factory fresh bike - I got myself a new mighty new ride and I already had a chance to test it at Velokulg 2017. Some of you may know the event, those who don't feel free to review my post from last year by clicking HERE. Back then I didn't have my very own bike which is why I couldn't participate but I volunteered for the event instead. This year I cruised along the whole route with my friends and it was awesome. By the way, big up Mariel and Mark for taking these cool photos at the event.

 "Helmet!" - Those who've seen 13 Reasons Why can relate.

 Call us maybe?



Fun times aside, I have been working too. I and my classmate Sander held a 3-day programming workshop for primary school students. The course was beneficial for both us and the prospects because the feedback we got was 100% positive. I learned that teaching and helping the youth really loads me with positive vibes because it's a unique way to return the favor to the community. We had eleven students and everyone understood the necessity of programming well, all of them were determined and motivated. I would like to thank Viljandi Gymnasium for letting us use a classroom, Ltd. Cleveron for supporting us financially and Erik Rebane who was there to take photos and compile a short video of the event. I wish to arrange something like this again in near future.

Day 1

 Giving the help we can

It wasn't easy for the kids but they managed

 Focused on making their games

 Testing out

Final day with almost everyone in the picture

Thursday, May 18, 2017


"We don't stop going to school when we graduate." - Carol Burnett

Graduation is around the corner. Actually, I have to wait over a month to get my exam results and high school diploma. The math exam went almost perfect, I'm expecting over 90% for sure because I only had one tiny mistake. In overall, I feel great about the exams. The photos that are made in school are taken by Merlin Kuld.

Checking whether we got the same answers or not with Agnes

Natural teaching pose

However, I've had some fun too. After math exam I went out with some of my friends and we chilled around the town. At one point we came up with a plan to play tourists (bucket list!) and it ended up hilarious. First, we went to an expensive hotel and pretended to be russian tourists so we started to talk in English with a russian accent, then we went into a casino and when they asked our ID's we told them that we thought it was a hotel or sth and finally we visited a strip club to ask if they're serving any food in there. We just fooled around and I haven't had this kinda fun for a long time. Furthermore, a few days ago we had a small BBQ at Kaido's with my lads. Mark took some nice pics too so I can share the mood with you. And moreover, my days and nights have been full of activity thanks to my classmates with who I've spent much spare time now. Even though we don't have any classes anymore, we still go and play basketball next to our schoolhouse.


No gas, no party 

Looking towards the horizon with Caspar and Kermo

I haven't talked much about my family in the blog but that's because I still try to keep some of my privacy. However, I can talk little about how I spent the mother's day. We bought a cake and tickets to cinema with my brother and then surprised our mom. The day was delightful.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


"Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second." - Mattie Stepanek

As some of you might now, I'm keen on energy and economy topics. I like to dream of myself working in Tesla Inc. in future and I want to contribute to green energy technology because in 21st century humanity needs to change its behavior towards our planet. Otherwise, we will run out of fossil fuels, global warming deepens and the results of these two would be catastrophic.
Tesla Inc. is one of my favorite companies. I like how Elon Musk takes actual steps towards his dreams about future. Even though I have a huge passion for cars that aren't really environment-friendly, I find that the usage of these cars should be decreased. The point I wanted to reach here was that Tesla company is planning to build a few gigafactories around the world and there is a campaign in Estonia that tries to get Musk's attention. The name of the campaign is Tesla Country is Estonia and a week ago I attended an event where we discussed about positive and negative aspects of our country's suitability for the company's new factory. I'm not gonna go specific but in my view, building the gigafactory in here would be perfect FOR ME because therefore I would have a bigger chance working in Tesla Inc.

Me & mi hermana being critical about the discussion 


Furthermore, I've been working as a programming teacher with my classmate for primary school students in an NGO for a month or two now. Unfortunately, the NGO has a summer break same as schools but we want to continue with this work with Sander. Therefore, we decided to run a course on our own and currently most of my spare time goes on that. The job is great for me because I get to do something I like and at the same time give something to the youth.
However, everything isn't so perfect as it might seem so far. I had two running competitions coming up a few weeks ago I was ready for them, I was in shape. Well, what happened then? The first race, half of the distance ran and I was just behind the first three, I felt great but all of the sudden my nose started to bleed. I tried to continue but it just went worse and you have no idea how mad I was at myself when I had to forfeit the race. I've had this problem occurring in springtime because of my allergies for years now and I hate it. Because of that, I was removed from my school's representative team for the next race. F**king great, isn't it? Okay, enough of this negative crap. The exam time is actually quite easy. I was ready for worse but right now I've been playing basketball in school with my classmates more than done actual studying.

Trickshot by Kev

You should've seen the outcome of this

I need to recommend you a show which I recently watched - 13 reasons Why. It's quite viral right now and if you haven't seen it then just watch it. Brings a tear to your eye for sure.
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