Thursday, December 21, 2017


"Now let the moment break you, let the feeling come take you. Won't do you no good." - No Good, Kaleo

It's almost Christmas and before it's time to wrap up all the presents, I wanted to make a post about my doings lately. Actually, half of the things that I'm about tell you happened almost a month ago so yeah - "lately" my ass, I'm just too lazy to write posts right now.
Anyway, it's winter and it's getting more and more colder outside and I don't have a car anymore so I helped my friend Karlis to change the tires of his car. Both rookies, we had never done this by ourselves. It took some time but we handled the process quite easily. After that we awarded ourselves with a few burgers, felt like car mechanics. If you know me well, you might know that I have a crush on classic cars, especially I'd love to own a Mustang in future. The point is that after we spent some hours in a garage, I started wondering about going to vocational school after university for a year to train myself more on that field. Also, it connects with my current studies (mechatronics) in university. Just a thought, don't know what the future actually brings.


Furthermore, I'm officially now a member of the education committee and youth council in Viljandi's municipality. I already had the first meeting with the committee and I'm really glad that I can contribute in my hometown's education system. Also, the youth council have had a couple of get-togethers. We discussed about the plans of the following year and even went to test our teamwork skills in an escape room.


2 criminals - a Columbian sicario and a thief

Moreover, before I start talking about the hardcore fiestas I've had recently, I and my friend Juhan decided to take part of a start up competition. We have another video game idea and we thought why not try to get some funding at the event. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get into the finals but one of the organizers gave me a hint where we should reach out next.

Pitchin' @ MEKTORY

Aaalright! Besides the study, I've had some crazy-ass parties too. Four of my friends had birthdays. At the beginning of December, Annika with who I attended WEEKEND festival together, threw a party which was really cool, my bestie Merili had a small sit-down with her buddies, my cousin had a party with his friends and the day after with the familia. Annika's and Merili's birthdays both took place on the same day so it wasn't easy to coordinate myself between the two parties.

Merili's sweet 17

Surprisingly, the whole December has been really "party-ful" - every weekend, I've had some crazy adventures but they're too explicit for this blog (again, dear future employer, hi!). My really great friends Kristel and Mariel aka Deez Nutz also celebrated their 18th birthday. This was crazy, again.. At first, they had a dress-code (70s) but they decided to remove it but finally I was the only one to show up following the dress-code but what can I do, I loved the outfit I had chosen.

@ Merili's before Deez Nutz' birthday party

"Tomaré whisky con hielo, por favor."

Partypic with Merili and Raiko

The day after the party I didn't feel so good. However, Karlis and his brother Mick tricked me to go to a party in Tartu. I was like "hell no" but I agreed to go if I was the driver. It was really cool to see them drunk while being sober myself. We met up with some of our friends there and visited some pubs and clubs, I also got the chance to drift with Karlis' family van.
And the most recent event, I missed my last test in maths because I couldn't resist an invitation to a dorm party yesterday. So far I hadn't failed any tests and now I missed the last one. It's almost holiday but I still managed to f-ck up.

Asked a security guy take a photo of us in Tartu, this is what the outcome looks like x)

 Party-ful - the dorm party and Tartu trip in a collage