Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Final Grill & TB 2017

"First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Damn it, I wanted to write a post before the new year but I totally forgot.. But, f*ck it, let's do it the other way then - firstly, I'm going to share my wonderful Christmas period with you, secondly, you'll hear about my free time during the holiday a bit, thirdly, I'm going to tell you how I sent the past year by and finally, I'm summing up 2017 with my favorite posts and videos from that year.
If have you read my last post then you have some sense of what I have done in December mostly, right? Anyway, I spent my Christmas with my family, peacefully. It was something I needed, a rest. Furthermore, I realized that a theory which states that the older you get, the more pleased you'll be about getting socks as gifts from Santa is true. I got lots of these and at least they're practical.

My lil' bro working hard to get his presents

Well, about my free time now. My favorite band is Arctic Monkeys but as they still haven't released a new album, they aren't doing any live performances either. Some time ago, I discovered an Estonian band called The Boondocks who produce similar music to my favorite band - garage/indie rock to be more specific. When I found out they're going live in their hometown Parnu, I called some of my friends and we attended the event. It was rad! The feeling when you know most of the songs played live is fantastic because singing along at a concert makes you feel united with the performers.

There were some other sit-togethers which you can see on the following photos. The most unique one was the one when we decided to have a mid-winter BBQ - #paegrill. Anyway, the end of the year was fantastic.

#paegrill with Kermo, Pae, Lars, Kevin, Kaspar & Kaba 

@ Villa Mähma with Merili, Kristel, Kaido, Mark, Simon & Caspar

The last day of the year was lit! Merili invited some of our best friends over and we had a blast. We bought lots of trashy food because then it's maybe easier to start the "new year new me" thingy later. At first, we stayed at the house and then we went to the city center to see the fireworks and all the friends and acquaintances. I also made myself a promise that in 2018 I'm going to start working out again. Last year, this promise was fulfilled, this one is no different I hope.

According to Spotify, the song mentioned above was the song I listened the most in 2017. I'm going to say that again that Arctic Monkeys is my favorite band but this was surprising even for me. But that wasn't all. I have my moods where I love to listen symphonies composed by Mozart or Beethoven but the thing is that three of their masterpieces made into my top list - I was amazed haha.
Well, about my activities that year.. I hadn't had traveled by myself before 2017. Thanks to Erasmus+ program and my university's organisation called BEST, I got the chance to do that. In spring, I visited Austria (#NOVACATION). The 7-day course on migration issues in Europe was amazing. I met many new people and even met up with one of them in autumn when I went to Hungary (TARARA). I attended a regional meeting of the Board of European Students of Technology there and this was an experience of a lifetime for sure.

For me, 2017 was a Year of Adventures!

And now the three favorite posts of mine that I promised to list here.


If I wanted to tell you simply what I did in 2017, it would go like that.
I finished high school. I started studying in university. I was a teacher for primary school students for a while. I organized a camp about programming and creating video games for children. I succeeded in two contests, failed in several. I tested my social skills as a salesman in summer. I visited Austria and Hungary. I had a lack of motivation to write the blog for some time. I attended the youth song and dance celebration. I got on Merili's nerves more than I should've. I found a new cool band called Kaleo. I attended some awesome events like WEEKEND festival and Simple Session. I turned freaking 20 already!

I don't have many videos from the past year but quality over quantity, right?

It's like a tradition to visit Simple Session every year for me, Mark, Härold, Simon and Kaido - ACED IT

My vlog in Hungary, it's my first vlog and I realized I don't really like filming myself - TARARA

A collection of clips and one of my favorite videos, filmed and edited by my good friend MarkMOMENTS

Well, that's all - 2017 out, 2018 in!