Friday, February 2, 2018


"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." - Frederick Douglass

Let's start off with the good news. The blog is now two years old sooo... Happy birthday to us! It's amazing to think that I started this already two years ago. If you compare my first posts to my recent posts you definitely see the difference. My first posts were shorter, talked more about my recent week but now I'm focusing more on my feelings, thoughts and activities over a month period.
About the bad news now. I'm thinking about doing a pause with the blog because I really don't have the time to post regularly. I'm studying, I'm working hard. I don't want to start posting sh-t, I like to write long posts with over ten photos at least but these take a lot of time to make. Anyway, let's better continue to my recent activities. I'm not going to talk about my activities this time, I'll let the pictures present my doings.

@ my town's New Year party with Johanna

 I smile because I can

 With my fella Madis aka the mayor of Viljandi

Kristjan 20 (Vello 80)

Raiko 18 & lots of 8 pool lately 

Well. Like I said, I'm doing a small pause but I have an idea. I'm planning to go study abroad the following academic year (that's why I'm working so much too). I'm always up to new challenges and this might be my next one. I have my eyes on Mexico, USA, Canada and Spain. Good thing is then I finally can write about travelling like I've always wanted. My longest posts so far have been about my journeys in Austria and Hungary and that's so because I loved writing about my experience in a foreign country. That's my real passion I'd like to follow on this blog. And damn, life is a highway and I want the highway to be as long as possible crossing many borders. Also, Arctic Monkeys is back and Simple Session 18 starts tomorrow!