Friday, July 22, 2016

Klavan to the Kop

"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive." - Elbert Hubbard

It's the end of July and I can't wait for August because then I'm going to a media seminar and Weekend Festival Baltic. Few days ago I went to Mainor and claimed my prize of the contest (Game designing contest) where I got 2nd place. But I'm still mad that I didn't get the 1st place (cmon, PS4..). :D

From left to right - 1st place winners, 2nd place (obviously me), 3rd place, Mikk Luige, Jaanus Jaggo

The 8-hour game designing course was great, learned about advertising, designing and many more. The people over there really encouraged me to bring my game idea to life (literally). After the course I went to see the new Tarzan movie - it was nothing special but it was probably boring for me because I was really, really tired and I couldn't really focus on the movie.

Learning in progress 

Not trying to brag or smth but yeah.. :D

Go Ragnar! Some of you might not know but my country's (probably your's too) best football player Ragnar Klavan recently joined a football club Liverpool in England. Liverpool is one of the most famous clubs in the world and Klavan is the most expensive Estonian football player. Wish him best of luck and hope he gets some decent playing time.

"That feeling when you receive your first #LFC shirt." - Liverpool FC's Twitter

Today, I'm going to attend my best friend Mark's birthday party. Hopefully, we're going to take some pictures too so I can blog about it. :)

RR in Viljandi, surprised I am

My good friend Merili and I just lollygaggin':D

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


"Nothing will work unless you do." - Maya Angelou

Well, one day left till my job is over and then I have to choose if I want to work more or not. We have had lots of fun at the work with my friend Simon. Some day is hard but then there are days where we don't have much work to do and we can have some fun too. Our boss Peeter (Pets) is a freakin badass and his boss (so technically my boss too) is cool too. Peeter's day pretty much consists of driving his tractor and smoking cigarettes. His scar on his face and tattoo on his arm shows that this lad has seen sh*t.

Damn, why am I scared of heights? Simon cleaning that house reaal good.

 Not that I'm afraid of heights but being on the platform made my knees weak

Amazing quality selfie - damn, I need a camera

One day when we were at my friend's place, we played some table tennis. Oh, it had been a while since I last played the game but then I got the chance to hold the racket again and beat everyone. Only asians can beat me. #nooffense

Photoshoot with Mark

Also, an extreme sports event BASH16 took place in my hometown and it was awesome to watch people with talent that I sadly don't have. Not gonna talk much about it because I missed most of it thanks to my job.

Some of you readers are football fans too I expect? Or soccer or whatever :D. Anyway I watched the final game of EURO2016 with my friends and the game was great. With France dominating in the first half and Portugal's Eder scoring in the end, it was a pleasure to watch. Even though I'm not a fan of Ronaldo, he got my attention when even a serious injury couldn't get him off the pitch and later if he really couldn't play anymore he made sure to be a mental support for his team - he showed his passion, how important the win was for him.

"If Ronaldo needs a surgery after that tackle, then Dimitri should Payet." - The SPORT Bible's comment section

As well as working my ass off, I recently discovered a site where I can improve myself with taking online courses. The site's address is and so far I've been really pleased with the tutorials over there. I've been taking courses in design, investing and recently started learning a new programming language (C#). Definately check the page out!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

England vs tea bag

Q: What's the difference between England and a tea bag?  A: The tea bag stays in the cup longer. 

End of June. I have my whole summer planned ahead. In July I work hard and earn money to enjoy August 200%. In August, I'm probably going to WEEKEND Festival Baltic with my friends and after that I'm going to spend a week at a media seminar (it's pretty much like a camp or smth). The second half of August will be more relaxing according to my plan. As I still haven't got the chance to swim in the sea this summer, I thought about going to Kabli beach again like last summer. Furthermore, I'm thinking about visiting Iceland but that's only maybe.


In conclusion, the first half of the summer has been splendid. Iceland winning England in the Euros - absolutely delightful. England left the Euro twice :D. The weather is mostly sunny and I've been playing volleyball and football quite much lately, I even went jogging around Lake Viljandi (12km).

Fight like a viking, celebrate like a champ




Superhypernormal is the right adjective to describe this picture